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  • 95.00 Ex. Vat

    4in1 Roller Stand & Trestle

    95.00 Ex. Vat

    The Faithfull 4in1 Roller Stand & Trestle is a practical and sturdy work platform with adjustable height from 83.0 to 127.5cm.

    The stand has 4 functions:
    Stationary support, for use as a conventional trestle.
    Roller support, for use with bench saws.
    Ball support, for multi-directional movement (e.g. when milling).
    V-support, for centred guiding of round material.


  • 50.00 Ex. Vat

    Bevel Edge Chisel Blue Grip Set of 6: 6, 10, 12, 18, 25 & 32mm Wooden Case

    50.00 Ex. Vat

    The Faithfull bevel edged chisel range are quality tools for professional work as well as DIY users. The blue PVC handles on these chisels are impact resistant and designed for use with a mallet, or an occasional hammer blow.

    Each blade is manufactured from drop-forged chrome vanadium steel and is hardened and tempered to exacting standards, ensuring that the cutting edge remains sharper for longer. The bevelled edges make these chisels ideal for fine work and for cutting into tight corners.

    All the chisels in this range are supplied with blade guards.
    The Faithfull FAIWCBS6WC set of 6 bevel edge chisels come in a wooden case and include the following dimensions:
    Sizes: 6, 10, 12, 18, 25, and 32mm (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1.1/4 inch).
    Blade Length: 140mm

  • 115.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch – GBH 2-26 DRE SDS Plus Hammer Drill 800W 110V

    115.00 Ex. Vat
  • 130.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch – GBH 2-26 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer 800W 240V

    130.00 Ex. Vat
  • 145.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch – GDS 18V-LIN Cordless Impact Wrench 18V Bare Unit

    145.00 Ex. Vat
  • 600.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE 5kg SDS Max Combi Hammer 1150W 110V

    600.00 Ex. Vat

    The Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE 5kg SDS Max Combi Hammer is a fast all-rounder with a powerful impact mechanism and Vibration Control to ensure a more comfortable work.

  • 720.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch GBH 8-45 DV 8kg SDS Max Hammer AVT 1500W 110V

    720.00 Ex. Vat
  • 560.00 Ex. Vat

    Bosch GSH 5 CE Professional SDS Max Demolition Hammer 1150WATT 110V

    560.00 Ex. Vat
  • 123.50 Ex. Vat

    Bosch GWS 18 115V-LIN 115mm Grinder 18 Volt Bare Unit

    123.50 Ex. Vat

    The highest material removal rate and cutting performance in its class fitted with an extremely robust and durable 4-pole high-performance motor for a long lifetime.