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H. W. Fasteners Ltd was established by James Hartery in 1981 as a supplier of fixings and fasteners to the construction industry in the South East of Ireland. James worked in the UK as a sales representative in that capacity and ten years in Ireland in construction fasteners. Jim then saw an opportunity to start his own company with its supply base in the South East of Ireland.
Traditionally, all fixing and fastener companies were based in Dublin so it was both an opportunity and a risk to commence trading in his hometown.

H.W. Fasteners soon developed a name in the local industry for quality products and a dependable service and many of the customers who had dealings with Jim as far back as 1970 still remain today.

H. W. Fasteners started in the garage of the family home and five years later moved to a small premises in Newports Terrace in Barrack Street. Eoghan Hartery started as a sales representative in 1988 and the foundation for H. W. Fasteners as it stands today was then complete.
As development in the city progressed there was a need for a larger business premises, and in 1993, the company moved to a 2,200 square foot unit in the Tycor Industrial Park. The “Jute Factory” remained our base for seven years.

The year 2000 saw more staff, a bigger product range and a focus on future growth. Many changes have been made in the industry over the years with inferior products from other suppliers being withdrawn from the market. Thankfully, H. W. Fasteners Ltd maintained its goal of “quality without compromise”, which has earned it its steadfast place as a competent supplier to industry. The new 8,000 square foot premises on the Northern Extension of the Industrial Estate has been the anchor for this growth.

2015 saw the opening of a new premises in Wexford. The primary product lines here are Power tools and Workwear but we are also now building up our stocks of construction and engineering fasteners.

2016 was our 35 year anniversary. We have reached a nationwide market and supply small and large businesses throughout the thirty-two counties in all areas of construction. H.W. Fasteners Ltd competes effectively with the larger multi national companies because of our determined dedication to quality and service.