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  • 95.00 Ex. Vat

    4in1 Roller Stand & Trestle

    95.00 Ex. Vat

    The Faithfull 4in1 Roller Stand & Trestle is a practical and sturdy work platform with adjustable height from 83.0 to 127.5cm.

    The stand has 4 functions:
    Stationary support, for use as a conventional trestle.
    Roller support, for use with bench saws.
    Ball support, for multi-directional movement (e.g. when milling).
    V-support, for centred guiding of round material.


  • 33.75 Ex. Vat

    DCB090 – 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V USB Charger

    33.75 Ex. Vat

    Transforms your XR battery into a portable charger

  • 92.50 Ex. Vat

    DCB115 – Multi Voltage Charger

    92.50 Ex. Vat

    Charges Dewalt 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V XR Li-Ion batteries

  • 67.50 Ex. Vat

    DCB119 – 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V XR Multi Car Charger

    67.50 Ex. Vat

    Charges XR Li-Ion Dewalt 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V Slide Pack batteries, charges 3.0Ah battery pack in 90 minutes

  • 90.00 Ex. Vat

    DCB182 – 18V XR 4.0Ah Battery Pack

    90.00 Ex. Vat

    Dewalt XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery Technology offers extended run time and optimized power to complete applications quickly

  • 80.00 Ex. Vat

    DCB184 – 18V XR 5.0Ah Battery Pack

    80.00 Ex. Vat

    The new Dewalt 5.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs will deliver 66% more run time than a standard 3.0Ah battery pack.

  • 36.25 Ex. Vat

    DCE5601 – Dewalt 300ml Cartridge Holder for DCE5601

    36.25 Ex. Vat

    Interchangeable cartridge to be used in conjunction with the Dewalt DCE580N 18V Caulking Gun

  • 86.25 Ex. Vat

    DCF6201 – XR Collated Screw Magazine

    86.25 Ex. Vat

    Compatible with DCF620 and DCF621 drywall screwdrivers.

  • 50.00 Ex. Vat

    DCL040 – 18V XR Pivot Work Light

    50.00 Ex. Vat

    Flashlight head pivots more than 90 degrees vertically with ratchet lock.